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Voluntary marine vessel insurance

Voluntary marine vessel insurance

Online Application

This type of insurance includes insurance of marine vessels and insurance against third party liability of marine vessel owners.

This covers insurance against destruction or damages as a result of the following risks:

  • Natural dangers, including collision, in sea, rivers, lakes and navigable sea waters
  • Fire, explosion, lightning strike
  • Marine theft as a result of unlawful activities of crew members and persons other than passengers
  • Jettison in emergency situation
  • Contact (collision) with land based vehicles, equipment and/or port and shipyard facilities
  • Loading and unloading of cargo and fuel
  • Explosion of a boiler damages of cylinders (rollers) or invisible damages of machine equipment or body of the vessel
  • Carelessness of the vessel captain, staff, crew members and/or pilot
  • Carelessness of repairmen and/or leasers other than insurers
  • Deliberate actions of the vessel captain or staff
  • Contact (collision) with airborne vehicles, helicopters and any other similar objects, as well as any items falling from these objects