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Electronic equipment insurance

Electronic equipment insurance

Online Application

This type of insurance is applied to the following:  

  • Electronic equipment: IT equipment, telecommunication equipment and copying machines
  • Precision mechanics: measuring devices, photo, cinematographic and video equipment
  • Medical equipment for diagnostics and therapy
  • Telecommunication systems

Electronic equipment insurance covers the following risks:

  • Erroneous operation of insured equipment staff negligence or improper activities of the third parties
  • Short circuit, sharp increase of the current strength or system voltage, induced current impact and other similar reasons
  • Fire, lightning strike or consumer gas explosion, damages by water during fire extinguishing
  • Damages by water from pipeline, sewerage and heating systems, as well as fire extinguishing system
  • Natural disasters, including earthquakes, volcano eruption or underground fire impact, avalanche, landslide, thunderstorm, hurricane, snowstorm, flood, hail, typhoon, tsunami, heavy shower
  • Theft, robbery and/or plunder as a result of unlawful access
  • Defect in material, system disrepair, constructional and assembly errors in insured property