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Employer’s liability insurance

Employer’s liability insurance

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This insurance envisions payment of insurance coverage in respect of claims from employees and their family members in the event of professional injuries or death during performance of labor obligations. Employer’s liability covered by this type of insurance is determined in compliance with the effective legislation.

Insurance risks cover the following events:  

1.  Physical injuries, intoxication, heat stroke, burn, chilblain, drowning, light and electric strokes, fall from a height, injuries resulting from contact with animals, as well as death of any of the Insured’s employees who fall into the following categories:

  • Workers employed on the basis of a labor agreement
  • Individuals working under a civil agreement
  • Students at work placement  

2. In the event when the above-mentioned persons perform their labor obligations during a period specified below:

  • Work execution during a business day in the Employer’s territory, including the official break
  • Business trips taken for the Employer’s needs
  • Accidents in public transport and on foot during the work time for the purposes of performance of labor obligations
  • Accidents involving an employee driving a personal vehicle provided that the vehicle was used for business purposes and with official consent of the employer