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Professional liability insurance

Professional liability insurance

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This insurance covers civil liability of the Insured for financial expenses occurring from performance of the professional duties by the Insured’s service suppliers and employees.

The Insurer undertakes paying the insurance premium envisioned by the insurance agreement for compensation of the expenditures (plaintiff’s expenditures including dues and other expenses) associated with the Insured’s liability provided that such civil liability meets the following requirements:

  • Liability for damages the insurance coverage applies to (including plaintiff’s expenditures and confirmed legal expenses of the Insured)
  • Liability occurs for the first time in respect of the Insured during the term of the agreement
  • Libaility occurs in respect of financial expenditures associated with negligence, errors and shortcomings in work of the Insured’s service suppliers and employees
  • Liability occurs during provision of services by the Insured in the manner envisioned by the agreement