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Third party civil liability insurance

Insurance of civil liability before the third parties

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This type of insurance covers civil liability associated with compensation of damages from physical injuries or illnesses of third parties, or damages of the third party’s properties, as a result of an insurance event which has occurred as a result of business operations of  the Insured.

The Insurer shall undertake payment of the sum insured to the Insured in the manner established in the insurance agreement for the expenditures (including plaintiff’s legal expenses, dues and fees) associated with civil liability resulting from compensation of damages caused to the  third parties by physical injuries and illnesses, as well as damages to properties of the third parties as a result of event (accident).

The insurance cover shall also apply to events associated with the following types of liability:

  • Liability for food products, medical equipment and social protection provided by the Insured
  • Liability of management and/or officials of the Insured for the work performed by the Insured’s employees