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If an accident occurs

  • Inform the Ateshgah insurance company immediately by calling (012) 940. Also call 102 to call the traffic police to the site  of the accident. 
  • Documents required for settlement of an insured accident:  
  1. Insurance certificate
  2. Original of the registration certificate (technical certificate) of an insured vehicle.
  3. Original of the power of attorney if the vehicle was operated by virtue of the power of attorney
  4. Copy of driver’s licence
  5. Identity card of the third party
  • Documents mentioned above shall be submitted to Ateshgah Insurance Company’s office at 18/7 Metbuat Avenue (across the street from Azerbaijan Publishing House).

Remember (!)

  • Do not promise anything to the damaged vehicle’s owner and do not begin the repair!
  • Damage costs will be identified by experts of the insurance company!
  • If anybody got hurt or injured call an ambulance immediately (103), (112).