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Medical insurance

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Standard Classic Prestige

We offer 3 key medical insurance programs for corporate persons: Standard, Classic and Prestige. 

The difference between these programs is not about quality of medical services but about the groups of risks that insurance cover applies to. Another key difference is that programs have been designed in a way to comply with requirements of all employees from ordinary workers to managers and executives.

Depending on the scope of insurance, the programs cover the following:  

Emergency medical services; Polyclinics; Physiotherapy and massage therapy; Hospitalization and hospital care; Dental care; Supply of medicines; Immunization; Scheduled and emergency vaccination; Medical care in the client’s office; Preventive medical examinations of different levels; Medical care for pregnant women (prenatal care, delivery and postnatal care).

You can contact our professional employees at any time for a detailed consultation on types and conditions of insurance that best suit your needs.


Casualty insurance

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Casualties are sudden, unforeseen and accidental (unintended) external physical impacts that pose a threat to life and health of a person. Diseases, pathologies and other internal factors are not deemed casualties.

This insurance provides insurance coverage in the event of the following accidents which pose a threat to life and health of the Insured:

  • Temporary disability;  
  • Permanent disability;
  • Death

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Insurance accident

If insurance accident occurs?

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