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For only AZN 5 without any amount of exemption, each car owner buying MTPL can get additional coverage of optional third party insurance with a cover limit of AZN 1,000.

MTPL – mandatory third party liability insurance is used for reparation of damages to the health of individuals, and to the properties of individuals and legal entities as a result of the operation of mechanical transport vehicles in the territory of the Republic of Azerbaijan.


Insurance payment for the driver – AZN 490

Insurance payment for the front seat passenger – AZN 490

Evacuation service (first risk) – AZN 20

Essential terms

  • Insurance policy is a valid with the existence of the MTPL (mandatory third party liability) insurance policy of the “Ateshgah” Insurance Company. İn the cases of expiration or early cancellation of the MTPL insurance policy results termination of “Five” ( “Beşlik” ) insurance policy.
  • Insurance coverage is immediately stopped after the insurance payment.
  • The evacuation service coverage is valid in the case of the restriction movement of the insured vehicle as a result of the more than two vehicles collision