Compulsory real property insurance

According to the Law of the Republic of Azerbaijan "On Compulsory Insurance" dated June 24, 2011, insurance of buildings, residential and non-residential premises, residential buildings and structures, apartments, as well as state property, the list of which is determined by the relevant executive authority, is mandatory.

An insured event is considered damage, destruction or other form of loss of real estate in the following cases:

  • fire, lightning;
  • explosion of gas used in everyday life and industry;
  • short circuit in electrical wires;
  • explosion of steam boilers, gas storages, gas pipelines, machines, apparatus and other similar devices or devices;
  • failure of water supply, heating, sewerage and fire extinguishing systems, as well as flooding due to the ingress of water from neighboring buildings, residential and non-residential premises, residential buildings and buildings, apartments, rooms;
  • impact of any object or its parts in the form of falling, throwing, impact, destruction, discharge and other similar forms;
  • collision with a ground vehicle;
  • natural disasters - earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, storms, hurricanes, storms, hail, floods, torrential rains, landslides;
  • actions of third parties.
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Frequently asked question

What to do if the property insurance accident occurs?

Call (012) 940

During which time the damage is compensated

Compensation is made within 7 working days

If both my apartment and my neighbor's apartment are damaged during the accident, then who will get compensation?

In the case of an accident, only the insured will be paid compensation.

How long should you file an insurance claim?

An insurance claim can be made within 3 working days.

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