Frequently asked question

Medical insurance

What to do if an insured accident occurs?

The insured person should apply to the insurance company and provide the following information:

Insurance Certificate Number;

  1. Name and Surname;
  2. Content of the appeal (complaints);
  3. Contact number;
  4. Address.

If hospitalization is required by an emergency doctor's appointment:

  1. The diagnosis is confirmed;
  2. A medical institution will be appointed in accordance with the terms of the diagnosis and contract.

An ambulance doctor does not form a sick leaflet.

An ambulance doctor can prescribe medication only for urgent treatment (such as painkillers, fever drops, etc.), Medicare prescriptions for scheduled and long-term treatment prescribed by an ambulance doctor are not included in insurance coverage.

How the call of experts (therapists, pediatricians) called for homes or offices (if instructed) is implemented?

The insured person should apply to the insurance company and provide the following information:

  1. Insurance Certificate Number;
  2. Name and Surname;
  3. Content of the appeal (complaints);
  4. Contact number;
  5. Address.

The medical coordinator of the IC transmits the information to the medical institution and informs the insured about the action taken.

Scheduled calls of doctors to homes or offices are made after their outpatient clinic visits at medical facilities.

The doctor's home care is recorded as an insurance accident, and treatment is resumed by the same doctor.

It is offered to pay for medical services, explaining that health care services are not included in the insurance program. What do I have to do?

First of all, you should get familiar with the terms of the guarantee and then contact the Department of Medical Service of the IC via contact numbers: (012) 940, (012) 497 17 37, (012) 497 17 67.


What to do if the property insurance accident occurs?

Call (012) 940

During which time the damage is compensated

Compensation is made within 7 working days

If both my apartment and my neighbor's apartment are damaged during the accident, then who will get compensation?

In the case of an accident, only the insured will be paid compensation.

How long should you file an insurance claim?

An insurance claim can be made within 3 working days.

Travel Insurance

What does the insurance cost depend on?

Insurance fees vary depending on travel time and purpose, insurance package, coverage and age of the insured. Before you travel, you must provide all the information to your insurance agent and the insurance fee will vary accordingly.

How to use an insurance certificate abroad?

Information regarding medical expenses should be reported to the Service Center by the number specified in the Insurance Certificate (Police). In other insurance cases, you may apply directly to the Insurance Company hotline

What if I have to pay the cost of medical services myself?

If you pay medical expenses yourself, you can apply to the Insurance Company within 30 calendar days of the date of your departure with the application and relevant documentation. It is also possible to clarify the list of documents by calling the hotline of the Insurance Company before applying. If it is not possible to report to the Service Center (if this is confirmed properly), you should do so at the first opportunity. Remember that the Insurance Company has the right not to pay expenses not agreed with the Service Center.

What are the costs of travel insurance?

Depending on the insurance package you have selected with your insurance certificate, the followings:

  1. Medical expenses for accidents and sudden illnesses * * Limit on therapeutic and surgical treatment of cardiovascular diseases -5000
  2. Medical transportation costs during accidents and sudden illnesses
  3. Repatriation costs during accidents and sudden illnesses
  4. Death of the insured as a result of an accident
  5. Determining first-hand disability to be insured as a result of an accident
  6. Baggage insurance when traveling abroad
  7. Canceling or changing the date of travel
  8. Delay of air travel flight (* Unlimited waiting time - 1 day; Daily limit - 120)
  9. Loss of passports and travel documents

Compulsory insurance

What kind of insurance is provided by CCLIOMV?

The maximum amount of the CCLIOMV insurance is AZN 5,000 if third party car or property is damaged and to the victims. In case of damage to individuals, the total maximum coverage is 50,000 AZN.

How to get information about a valid insurance agreement

By calling 940, sending your state registration number to 9707 or looking at https://isb.az/ website.

How is the insurance amount distributed if several vehicles during the accident are damaged?

If a car or property of several third parties is damaged as a result of an accident, and the total amount of liability calculated separately for each victim exceeds 5,000 manats, insurance compensation paid to each victim is made in proportion to the total damage amount (5000 AZN).

In case of an insurance accident on CCLIOMV, what is the cost of the damage and which amount is reimbursed?

Payment of damage to property and health of third parties.


How much is the insurance amount for CASCO?

The insurance amount for CASCO is determined in the insurance certificate based on the market value of the vehicle.

What to do in case of an accident on CASCO?

In the case of an accident, the Insured should immediately inform the Insurer via 7/24 contact phone: (012) 940, depending on the nature of the accident should inform the relevant State Authority.

What should not be done in case of an accident on CASCO insurance?

We should not remove the insured vehicle from the scene and leave the scene without the approval of our employee and the authorized state body.

Reasons for refusal to pay for CASCO

Violation of insurance rules and insurance contracts, and full or partial repair of damaged vehicles.