Casco insurance is voluntary car insurance. If the vehicle of the insured person is damaged while driving or stopping, the damage caused to the insured person is eliminated by the insurer.

CASCO insurance coverage also includes illegal actions of third parties, including theft, robbery with a threat to life, kidnapping and robbery.

Thus, the car owner who received this insurance product is insured against various types of risks specified in the insurance contract that may arise during the year.

Remember that you can pre-insure your car against major material losses that may be caused as a result of unforeseen events.

Insurance risks:

  • Motor vehicle accident - an accident that occurs as a result of the use of a motor vehicle, resulting in death or bodily injury, hitting an animal or a stationary obstacle, as well as damage to any other property;
  • Natural disaster - flood, flood, earthquake, storm, hurricane, storm, hail and other natural phenomena;
  • Thrown or dropped object - throwing, hitting or falling stones, snow, ice and other objects on the outer surface of the car, except in the case of damage to the paint in the form of dots without damaging the car parts
  • Animal attack –attack by beasts and birds, except for damage to the car interior.
  • Fire and explosion - a) fire - combustion that causes material damage, regardless of the source of ignition, including the effects of high temperatures, fire products, as well as water, foam and other means used to extinguish the fire, as well as the direct impact of fire; b) explosion - the process of rapid release of large amounts of energy from a limited space in a short time as a result of the tendency of gases to expand;
  • Illegal actions of a third party;
  • Theft, life-threating robbery, kidnapping and robbery;
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Frequently asked question

How much is the insurance amount for CASCO?

The insurance amount for CASCO is determined in the insurance certificate based on the market value of the vehicle.

What to do in case of an accident on CASCO?

In the case of an accident, the Insured should immediately inform the Insurer via 7/24 contact phone: (012) 940, depending on the nature of the accident should inform the relevant State Authority.

What should not be done in case of an accident on CASCO insurance?

We should not remove the insured vehicle from the scene and leave the scene without the approval of our employee and the authorized state body.

Reasons for refusal to pay for CASCO

Violation of insurance rules and insurance contracts, and full or partial repair of damaged vehicles.

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