Voluntary property insurance

Voluntary property insurance

Buildings (constructions) under voluntary property insurance shall include the following:

  • The building proper, including walls, floor, ceiling, doors and windows (except for windowpanes);
  • Exterior decorations;
  • Interior decorations of walls, floor, ceiling, inner doors, windows (except for windowpanes);
  • Engineering structures (water supply system, sewerage and heating system, electricity supply system),situated in the territory of the insured building (construction);
  • Fire safety systems and devices;
  • Movable property in the insured building (construction).

Insurance risks:

  • Fire, lightning stroke, explosion
  • Hurricane, thunderstorm, tornado
  • Hail
  • Mudflow (flood);
  • Impact of aircraft and other flying objects, or falling objects, collision of overground vehicles;
  • Landslide;
  • Unlawful hostile activities of the third parties;
  • Earthquake;
  • Waste disposal;
  • Crushed windows;
  • Burglary;
  • Flooding  
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