Compulsory insurance

Compulsory third party liability insurance of motor vehicles

Compulsory insurance

In accordance with the law of the Republic of Azerbaijan “On compulsory insurance” of June 24, 2011, liability insurance of owners of the motor vehicles is compulsory.

The sums insured under compulsory liability insurance of motor vehicle owners before the third parties are identified in the following manner:

  • Damages to the health of an individual – in the amount of AZN 5,000 provided that the total sum insured for damages to health of individuals does not exceed AZN 50,000;
  • Damages to properties of the third parties – AZN 5,000.
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Frequently asked question

What kind of insurance is provided by CCLIOMV?

The maximum amount of the CCLIOMV insurance is AZN 5,000 if third party car or property is damaged and to the victims. In case of damage to individuals, the total maximum coverage is 50,000 AZN.

How to get information about a valid insurance agreement

By calling 940, sending your state registration number to 9707 or looking at website.

How is the insurance amount distributed if several vehicles during the accident are damaged?

If a car or property of several third parties is damaged as a result of an accident, and the total amount of liability calculated separately for each victim exceeds 5,000 manats, insurance compensation paid to each victim is made in proportion to the total damage amount (5000 AZN).

In case of an insurance accident on CCLIOMV, what is the cost of the damage and which amount is reimbursed?

Payment of damage to property and health of third parties.

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