Travel Insurance

Travel Insurance

Travel Insurance

We all wish to enjoy our time during a trip and snap out of tiredness and negative energy as we enjoy our holidays. And special care shall be taken of the security issues. Ateshgah insurance company ensures and guarantees your safety and security anywhere in the world, wherever you are.

Insurance coverage:

  • Insurance of citizens travelling outside of the Republic of Azerbaijan, from expenses resulting from casualties and unexpected diseases;
  • Casualty insurance;
  • Luggage insurance during foreign trips;
  • Insurance from cancellation and change of trip date;
  • Flight delay insurance;
  • Insurance from loss of the foreign passport and travel documents

If you need assistance or advice, you can contact the support center abroad 24/7 at the number below : 
Egypt: +2 02 24137311
Turkey : +90 242 310 28 29 
Other worldwide countries: +90 242 310 28 30

We guarantee that you travel safe!

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Frequently asked question

What does the insurance cost depend on?

Insurance fees vary depending on travel time and purpose, insurance package, coverage and age of the insured. Before you travel, you must provide all the information to your insurance agent and the insurance fee will vary accordingly.

How to use an insurance certificate abroad?

Information regarding medical expenses should be reported to the Service Center by the number specified in the Insurance Certificate (Police). In other insurance cases, you may apply directly to the Insurance Company hotline

What if I have to pay the cost of medical services myself?

If you pay medical expenses yourself, you can apply to the Insurance Company within 30 calendar days of the date of your departure with the application and relevant documentation. It is also possible to clarify the list of documents by calling the hotline of the Insurance Company before applying. If it is not possible to report to the Service Center (if this is confirmed properly), you should do so at the first opportunity. Remember that the Insurance Company has the right not to pay expenses not agreed with the Service Center.

What are the costs of travel insurance?

Depending on the insurance package you have selected with your insurance certificate, the followings:

  1. Medical expenses for accidents and sudden illnesses * * Limit on therapeutic and surgical treatment of cardiovascular diseases -5000
  2. Medical transportation costs during accidents and sudden illnesses
  3. Repatriation costs during accidents and sudden illnesses
  4. Death of the insured as a result of an accident
  5. Determining first-hand disability to be insured as a result of an accident
  6. Baggage insurance when traveling abroad
  7. Canceling or changing the date of travel
  8. Delay of air travel flight (* Unlimited waiting time - 1 day; Daily limit - 120)
  9. Loss of passports and travel documents

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